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Hi everyone, names Tony, just joined. My darling wife is 4/5 years into our Alzheimer’s journey. The last month she is waking all through the night, waiting for a phone consultation the the doctor.

Hello Tony,

Welcome to the Forum. I hope you find it useful.

Do you look after your wife by yourself? I cared for my mum with dementia and found it incredibly tough, especially the sleepless nights. Do you manage to get any respite at all?

Take a look round the Forum and join in where you want. Any questions, just fire away.

Take care, Anne x

Hi Tony, welcome to the forum.
What would help you most at the moment?

Hi Tony.
I am a new member too and just posted my first question also about lack of sleep, we… me mainly… have to get up to mum in law several times a night and it is draining so have asked for suggestions any replies may assist both of us,