Exhausted sleep deprived, compare notes & share tips

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I think it’s an excellent idea Helena.

Yes tell me where to go Melly and I will happily join this thread!

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Looks like you have found it @helena_2006 :wink: :rofl:

Quite impressed with the Kirland Sleep Aid suggested by Chris. I have only used once but although they did not stop me waking up, I found it much easier to go back to sleep. I do not want to become dependent though but I will be taking one tonight. I also find an electric blanket a great help even though I have to negotiate round the cats to get into my bed! I have seriously thought of trying to see my GP but would probably be offered a phone consultation and that is not really ideal with husband listening in. I do not think I need or want antidepressants right now as I know I would feel so much better if I could sort my sleep out!

Sending virtual hugs to anyone here who is struggling to get a good nights sleep.

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Helena - I am so pleased the tablets have helped you. I tend to take half a tab about an hour before going to bed as that works for me and I am dropping off as I make my way to bed. Like you if I do wake, they help me get back to sleep instead of lying there with mind racing.

As far as the GP goes - be blunt with Receptionist and say you NEED face to face and even say ‘I have something confidential I need to discuss and I cannot do that by phone because of others in the house’. Unless they are totally thick they should understand and make arrangements.

I suggested to a lady along the lane that she needed an electric blanket - she wont put heating on as it costs too much and mentioned she went to bed fully dressed during the coldest weather. Her daughter eventually bought her one and I had a call one morning ‘Oh Chris, i used the blanket last night - OH IT WAS WONDERFUL getting into a warm bed for the first time in my life. I slept til 8.30 !!’ We have one and thankfully I splashed out and got dual control as G likes his side roasting hot all night and i just need gentle heat unless I wake, then click it on for a one hour boost. Oh te joys of ‘mod-cons’…

Huggz back to you from my fireside…

Wouldn’t be without my electric blanket, I got an all night one in case I need it on through the night in winter, so if I waking up and cold, I put it back on.
If I have aches from gardening or whatever, I have the blanked on the lowest setting all night and it seems to be the equivalent of a soak in the bath, we only have a shower.

Mmmm - soak in the bath - that sounds so good. We had bath taken out when my Dad moved in with us for a while a few years back so now only showers.

We have all night blankets and in mid winter they are a godsend - til you get out of bed and realise just HOW cold it is!!

When we moved to this house, I resurrected my electric blanket. Lovely to get into a warm bed in the winter and far easier to fall asleep but if I forget to turn it off (it is an all night one) I wake up far too hot. If I’m returning to bed with a cuppa then I switch it on for few mins.

House is very cold in the mornings here too Chris.

I have glow in the dark stars on my bedroom ceiling and I say to myself see if I can be asleep before they fade, it often works.

Another one is I put the sleep function on the radio alarm clock for the shortest time it will do and tell myself I will be asleep before the third song, I mostly am.

I can usually get off to sleep but its waking at stupid o’clock that gets me

I find that exercise helps me. I try to take a nature walk in a local park in order to relax my mind. Alternatively when I don’t feel well I draw Milo or play with him. Other things which allow me to relax are a cup of strong wine or lavender oil. Write down things in a diary too. You can even see a qualified local therapist. Let it out. All of it. Do puzzles in the evening or read books.

I don’t think I would want to walk in the park when very dark and cold! Would make me very anxious.
I know it’s not recommended but I will,if desperate switch the TV on in my bedroom and find something light to watch. Takes my mind of what ever is bothering me. BB,did I once read you do the same? Or I try to imagine I’m walking along a beach, listening to the sea in pleasant sunshine.
Chris, I had the bath taken out and shower cubicle in place. I personally prefer showers, although I understand why people love to relax in a nice warm bath.

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Pet - I have always preferred showers but sometimes a good long soak in the bath can work wonders.

We bought some Teddy Bear fleece bedding this winter. Fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases. i kid you not, they are so cozy, you get in bed and are asleep in minutes. They wash well and you can tumble dry them.


I always find it best to stick something on the telly I really want to watch. About half an hour in and I’m spark out.

I have a mini self help guide that I like to carry around. In that it states that examples of fun safe activities include listening to music and reading a storybook at night. You can also try the five things you see exercise as well. I used to talk about my own issues with a qualified therapist who was local to me. It helped me to relax and also process my feelings in a better and more productive way.
Seriously. Good luck. In addition a diary may even make a difference. Seize the opportunity in order to do a lot more beneficial exercise during the day time whenever possible. In other words feel free to make the most of it.

Do you just wake up and can’t fall back asleep or is after helping G that you can’t nod of again?


I wake up as though someone has thrown a switch and find I am WIDE awake. Then can’t get back to sleep for ages, so rather than lying there tossing and turning I end up getting up to do something.

If Graham has a bad night that gives me several disturbances, which can actually be easier to deal with as I sometimes manage to drift off.

Getting up to do something means that often I get tired again and can then nod off, but not always.

Last night G had a good night and seemed to sleep through and I only woke around 5.15. I got up and made tea then settled to continuing to write my book (nearly 2000 words this morning - yey!) which helped. Went back to check on him at 7.30am and he was still snoring so I lay down and drifted off as well. Only just woken, but first job was change the bed again!

The other morning I came down and it was really cold, so I put an electric blanket throw over myself. Not used it for ages. It was so snuggly warm on a very low setting that within 15 minutes I was drifting off. I wasn’t cold in bed, but clearly something wasn’t right.

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Chris, I have read your reply and am thinking about it.