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Hi I’m new to this! I have been asked to act as financial appointee for my sister who has LD and lives in a tenanted house with others requiring 24 hr support. I have no idea what to do as the DWP website gives no indication how to apply - am I just being dense? Previously she has been supported by the local authority but their charges are now prohibitive - can any body help? My sister is in her late 40’s and I live in a different county so don’t get to see her too often but support her as much as possible.

Become an appointee for someone claiming benefits - GOV.UK

Links on this site for telephone numbers to the respective helplines :

Apply to become an appointee

Who you phone to apply to depends on the benefit:

Attendance Allowance - contact the Attendance Allowance helpline
Disability Living Allowance - contact the disability benefits helpline
State Pension - contact your local pension centre
Personal Independence Payment (PIP) - contact the PIP new claims line
all other benefits - contact Jobcentre Plus

There’s a different process for tax credits.

Hi Lorna,
Welcome to the forum. My son aged 40 has SLD, lives in a privately owned flat with carer support.

Becoming appointee is a very easy process. Wherever possible DWP prefer family members to act for their relatives.

I’d rather not mention figures here on the main forum, because everyone’s situation is slightly different, but send me a Private Message and I’m happy to help.

Once you become appointee, you should be in charge of the amounts paid to the council (their client contribution). Start by asking for details of how they calculate the amount she is currently paying.

Thank you both for your prompt replies - I’m visiting my sister on Sunday so will hopefully get some information from her carers about what benefits she is presently claiming but seems a very complicated process having to claim for each indifidual benefit! I’m sure it will all turn out ok

bowlingbun you are a mine of information thank you so much!

Hi Lorna,

It’s really simple, nothing complicated at all. I can guide you through the process.

As soon as you become appointee DWP just change the name and address on all the benefits, you won’t need to reclaim any of the benefits you are currently receiving.

Who was appointee up until now?

DWP will want you to open a new account in your name, or joint names, for all the benefits to go into.

I don’t want to bombard you with information, so get the appointeeship and bank account sorted out first, then come back for the rest of the info.

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