Becoming an Appointee- what to write

Hi everyone,

I have stumbled across this site as I’m looking for help.
My son who has ASD-ADHD & Dsypraxia is Turing 16 & we have been sent a letter to inform us to apply for Pip.
The thought of it already is stressing me just worrying about the whole process.

My son definitely won’t engage with the interview, I will be asking for a home visit.
I can’t even get my son to attend medical appointments he needs that would actually benefit him let alone going for an assessment.

He won’t speak on the phone or do video calls either even with school or familiar people so a home visit is the only option but I’m dreading that as I know my son will come across as rude, and dismissive, he struggles to engage with unfamiliar people & won’t understand why an assessment is necessary, so I’m not even sure if I will even be able to get him to speak to them but I know he needs to be present. He is challenging when put under pressure.

I am going to apply to be his appointee but feel like I’m stumbling before I’ve even started.
I don’t know what to write for reasons why I should be an appointee or how to word it. I know he doesn’t have the mental capacity but how do I say or show evidence of this?

My son attends a SEN school, is picked up by transport and gets a lot of intervention through therapies and relies on alot of support at school he will be staying on at school even after 16.
He doesn’t have the understanding a teen without disabilities has to understand complex budgeting decisions or how to spend his benefits in his best interests I just don’t know what to wrote. From what I have read I think someone from the DWP will come to the house to make sure an appointee is appropriate, I’m OK with this its just backing it up.

Can anyone please help me?

Thank you.

No need to write a long essay. Presumably he is already getting DLA/PIP?
Explain that he cannot manage his own money. Really that’s all they need to know.
When my son was 16, about 25 years ago, before he was transferred onto adult benefits,I was asked to take him to an office 20 miles away just so they could see that he was disabled for themselves!! I refused.
I told them he wasn’t a performing seal, that they already had masses of information on him through his DLA claim.
The transfer went ahead.
I understand they need to protect against fraud, but brain damage cannot be reversed!


Yes he is currently receiving DLA so I knew it was coming. Great, thank you for explaining I was thinking I had to wrote alot more and go into absolutely everything regarding his condition.
Oh my God, I can’t believe they asked that of you both that’s absolutely shocking! Good for you though not dancing to their tune. I do get why they need to check I’m some cases but there are certain conditions that will not change or get better. I was only saying to my partner tonight that if I’m getting stressed how the hell do carers with children with physical disabilities cope with this crap and why should they have too, it’s just wrong.
Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it.

I really hate being talked down to by officials who seem to think that because my son is brain damaged I must also have an intellectual disability. As part of my Carers assessment the SW said they would fund a class at a local college, so I asked for funding for a sewing class. Refused. They only funded academic courses.I asked why they thought I needed more, as I already had 10 O levels, 3 A levels and an Honours degree in Business Studies, and was already running a business? I still didn’t get my sewing course!

They all seem to make assumptions and they’re rarely right.

Social Services seem to do all all assessments they have to do but actually getting any support from them seems to be like getting blood out of a stone. You would think that surely academic courses would be more expensive and they should have taken you up on sewing. They make it so bloody hard, I think people must just give up.