Son with mental health

Please can anyone help me
Myself and my husband care for our 20 year old son who has severe mental health issues. He suffers from extreme paranoia and our lives are horrendous at the moment! He accuses my husband of having affairs with young girls and that’s just the start. He is aggressive and can be violent towards us. He has been treaded for anxiety in the past but refuses to take medication, he also sees a therapist on a weekly basis. Things have escalated over the past few weeks and he has an appointment tomorrow for a psychiatric assessment, that is if he agrees to attend! Can anyone give any further advise as I feel I can’t cope any more! I feel he can’t live at home as his anger towards us is out of control! Xxx

Keep a diary of what happens on a daily basis. If safe to do so, record his aggression. If you feel worried that he is going to hit you, call the police. It may now be the only way to get help.

Hi Jayne

Sorry for all you are going through have you made any contact with …