Caring for an adult son with severe mental health

Hi everyone at the moment I’m caring for my 35 year old son who since coming off his meds last year has become really unwell. He is refusing treatment due to anxiety about side effects of going back on them. He constantly Google’s things and makes himself more anxious. He is living with us at the moment and struggling, last few days he has started doing some very odd things, wanting to take his clothes off and run around outside, understandably we’ve had to stop him. He is so anxious all day but refuses help. I am at breaking point, my husband and I differ on what we should do, he thinks we should support him with alternative treatments but they’re not working. I feel we need to get him to hospital and get him treated, but he obviously doesn’t want to go willingly. Hesitant to section him. What are peoples experiences of getting a loved one sectioned? Did it help a d what is the impact on they’re future (work etc…)? Our lives have been turned upside down. :frowning:

Hi & welcome Nina

What a lot you are going though in order to support your son.

It maybe a idea to also place a post on MIND UK forum.’sectioned’%20means%20that%20you,section%20you%20are%20detained%20under.