SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND Mum has been served with a section 21

You are doing your best by your mum, Coolcar98! If your sister has nothing postive to add to the situation with your mum then tell her to keep her nose out and just continue doing what you are doing. Your mum seems to understand what is happening and you said she seems to like some of the accomadation on offer. Then do what mum and you think is right and go ahead without interference from your sister. As it is so close to the deadline now, it’s decision time of where mum is now going to move to. Do what is best for your mum and what your mum agrees with. If mum is still able to say yes I like that and no I don’t want that…she is making a choice by herself. So that is the way to go.


So just to follow on, I have started receiving therapy and for the first time I feel so (I hate this word) but validated.

I’ve not understood my thoughts for so long, and I’ve been through so many standardised counselling appointments, although they were lovely people, I felt they were never doing much for me.

I’m now speaking to a therapist specialising in high intensity CBT and honestly two sessions in things make so much more sense to me.

My OCD is clearer to me, and I understand so much more. It’s like my need for validation and confidence in official people.

On Thursday I spoke to someone from the housing team asking a simple question, the girl who answered seemed new/inexperienced, and I just couldn’t get that confidence in her answers. I know it’s not her fault. I asked her to speak to a higher up person, and she agreed. I got the confident answer I needed.

In relation to that I remember speaking to someone at the carers service who basically told me ‘don’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet.’ I explained this to the therapist and they said it was abit of a bad thing to say expecially to someone with my needs.

I’m so glad you have at last found a good counsellor. As you know, when I finally found my counsellor, Helen, things changed for the better. My one regret is that my life would have been so different if I’d met her about 30 years earlier. It was the only time in my life when anyone was interested in me and my feelings, not what I could do for someone else.