Social worker dragging their feet


After another particularly bad spell I rang social services for help. My mum had both got to a point where we wished we both were dead. The duty worker was great and arranged for my mum to go into residential care for 2 weeks initially pending assessment This was all within 4 days

That was 6 weeks ago. My mum’s allocated social worker has only just started the assessment.

I really can’t cope with the thought of my mum going back home - I don’t live with her. My mum could not cope with 4 Carer visit a day. I worry that the social worker will deem she is ok to go home

My mum is 93. I am 66. Just retired and looking to enjoy life

I have been through so much guilt as she would prefer to go home. She has not fully thought about the implications. She thinks it will be as it was a couple years ago. She doesn’t remember the crying and loneliness she experienced

I am in limbo just waiting for things to happen

Can social services send her home if I don’t agree. My mum can be vocal. She is very frail. Some health problems. Is now in a wheelchair. Can shuffle a couple of steps

I was in a similar situation.
I would suggest that you start with everything that mum NEEDS help with,
Social Services should start with a Needs Assessment.
Washing face, teeth, showering, cooking, making tea…etc.etc.

Then look at the hours they are offering. Probably no more than three at most?
That leaves mum alone for 21 hours a day.
Who is going to do the jobs in between? No one!

For my bed bound mum, super obsessed with things being clean all her life, the idea of sitting in her poo for up to 1o hours until the carers came next was what decided her that residential care was the only option left.
Not what either of us wanted, but what she needed.