Coronavirus Lockdown

Well a decision has been made. I feel cross that the stupid idiots who wouldn’t listen to advice for the last week have brought us to lockdown now. I live in a rural area popular with holidaymakers and second homers and it is currently packed with selfish people coming here and bringing their germs and buying up our supplies. I hope Boris makes them all go back to their main homes now!

Daughter with LD and autism has gone into meltdown because we have told her that her boyfriend will not be able to visit.

I was not allowed into my 95 year old Mum’s care home yesterday and she stood at the window crying while the staff tried to explain to her why they were giving her gifts and a card from me. She has dementia. I stood there waving but crying inside as it could be 12 weeks+ before I can see her again and who know whether she will even recognise me by then.

I feel very sad tonight as I expect many others do too.

I was given some Sertraline ages ago. Dug them out and taken one tonight. Just can’t cope with the stress I’ve been put under today. Just when I thought things were more or less sorted, Boris mucked it all up again, so more of the same tomorrow. I don’t drink but getting drunk seems an attractive idea ATM!

Many are worse off. Just think of abused wives who now have to live
24/7 with their abusive husbands !

I’ve been a carer for 15years for my disabled mother whom I dont live with. I’ve never joined any carer group before now. I’ve never really taken the benefits of joining only thought about it. Anyway in this crisis I would like to know if there is any form of an ID card that I could apply for. As a proof of why we are out if the lockdown happening.

Hope somebody can help. Thank you


Hello Nahida! I have a bright Yellow Carers card which has sat in my purse for years but I have never used it. I believe I got it from our local council.

Hi Nahida, a very warm welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us a bit more about mum?
Has she had a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
Is she claiming Attendance Allowance or other disability benefits?
If so, she will have a letter from DWP. Copy this and keep it with you.
If you are claiming Carers Allowance, use your letter instead.

Yes, that’s what I did yesterday - took a copy of my Carer’s Allowance letter with me - just in case.