Abuse from people in the street

ive not posted for a while but i would like to find out if anyone else is getting abuse i am a lone carer for my son who is serverly disabled .sometimes when we go out weve had people in masks and face shields say things like we shouldn’t be out or they face the wall like we are lepers we get people jump into the road to avoid us others visabily back into peoples gardens .i allways knew there some idiots but never anything on this scale.

I’m not trying to say that this is not abuse, but let’s look at it from a different perspective as it may not be, and it may help you deal with it by thinking in a different way.

If they say you shouldn’t be out - perhaps they’re actually being protective of your son and believe him to be vulnerable.

Facing the wall, or manoeuvring elsewhere to gain 2m distance is the same as above, protecting both themselves and your son.


The virus has made a lot of people more anxious. If I take a walk with my son who has learning disabilities and we see someone approaching we have to get a lot further away than the two metres . And on one occasion he told me off as I hasnt turned my back on someone walking past as he felt we were too close we wernt.

I wouldn’t mind betting those people you passed with face shields on are extremely anxious I think a lot of us are going to extremes to avoid others at the moment .

Try not to take it personally.

This is a tough one, if people have actually verbally abused you then tell us more. But just today I hopped into the road to let someone go by, turned my back on someone who wasn’t socially distancing and crossed the road to let a senior citizen pass. The World has changed in the past four months and we have to adapt.

sorry for not repliyig sooner yes ive had verbal abuse from people and heard people telling others to stay away from us even though we do social distance i would hate my son to become ill with covid i can get some are scared by it seems like humanity has gone out of the window every day we get at least 2 or 3 people looking at mt son like theyve stepped in something nasty and i know its not my paranoia