Signs of depression?

Lately, I’ve had a lot of shocks. First, the work is not going well, then the not getting along with my wife and most importantly the parting with the cat that I have raised for 3 years now, it was sick, and someone took it away. Now I’m really confused, don’t know what to do? Am I depressed? Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot.

No that’s not depression, it’s life.
We all have good times and bad times, we have to enjoy the good times and endure the bad times.

I want to know further more about depression

Darakshan have a look in the MIND website that could be helpful with information about depression

I know what it feels like: it’s whereby you have a horrible deep gut renching sadness that you can’t even explain. it’s so horrible like a pit in your stomach or like that nervousness butterflies in your stomach but 100 times more intense but without the excitement you almost want to throw up or cry but you don’t know what. It’s dreadworthy getting out of bed and even just sitting and watching TV is painful… I remember when I felt like that I had to do stuff… sitting and doing nothing made me feel worse! AAArgh I never want to feel like that again it’s like physical agony but on the inside. Feels like there is no hope for the future, feels like there’s no joy or happiness, life means nothing to you.
Everything that normally makes you happy does not. It’s worse than normal sadness or emotional feelings. Even with sadness you feel passion of some sort. With depression you feel none of that.
The physical image of it would be to look around and everything is gloomy, dark and grey.

Can somene tell me when the good times start because i am still waiting.

Thank you for putting it in to words .

Sometimes we have to put ourselves first. For me, I have 2 weeks non negotiable time in Crete. Just 2 weeks when I can be the “old” me. Last year was absolutely wonderful, I now have two really good friends and it’s like being a teenager again (quite some feat when I’m 70!) We stay in a hotel for single travellers only, have breakfast, catch a bus, have a coffee, swim, sunbathe, have lunch, swim sunbathe again. Then bus back to the hotel, shower, dinner at 8pm. Whilst the other guests party and socialise, I usually go to bed for wonderful sleep. For 2 whole weeks, I’ve stepped off the treadmill. No phone calls, just an email exchange with eldest son every evening to say Hello.

Me time is crucial. I like to spend a entire hour each day on my own in order to unwind and decompress. During that hour my phone is off as I am busy. During this time I read books, sleep, take a quick shower or go for a stroll. Alternatively I either am eating or painting. Other relaxation activities include listening to music, watching a nice movie or star gazing.