New member - caring for wife with major depression

Hi all

I’m new here and just wanting to write and share about the feeling of helplessness that I have after my wife was diagnosed with major depression.
I’m working full time from home but she is unable to communicate beyond a few basic sentences and spends much of the day in bed.
It makes me feel even more isolated after going through that same feeling in the lockdown.
She has been getting daily visits from a mental health team for the past week, and she is on medication.
She lost her sense of taste and then everything got worse as all food tastes repulsive to her.
I understand that the depression has created loss of taste so if that can be tackled we can hopefully get back to a ‘normal’ existence.
I know there are many people in a much more difficult situation than me but as it’s always good to talk, so that’s what I’m doing.

Hi Jonathan & welcome

Talk away …

You don’t say if you are receiving any help or a reassuring ear. What a difficult time you are having. Don’t worry to much about wanting to have dialogue with your wife. The very fact you are there has to be a comfort to her. Depression is so individual one situation doesn’t fit all. It such a so complex disability. Has your wife suffer with depression or has this develops from somewhere else.

Are you in contact with MIND UK.

I given you the above link. Not because I think it would necessary be a better option. It as an additional option.

Hello Jonathan and welcome

Sorry to hear what you’re going through, it sounds tough on both of you. Hopefully your wife’s medication will help and there’ll be an improvement.

It’s important to look after your own well being at this time and not ‘burn out’ do you get time to yourself?

We run weekly online meet ups for carers where we chat informally and take a short break, do join if you’d like to, there’s no pressure to share anything you don’t want to but you might find it helpful to hear from other carers. Join up here:

Best wishes