Signposting on the forum: what's here!?

After my first post in 2017, I have concentrated on the forum’s sections of New to Forum and All About Caring. I’ve occasionally scrolled down the menu options to roll call and general chit chat and lost interest at that point. For first time I’ve just come across How to use Forum!

Can’t help but think that Michael’s Welcome to Forum, in addition to giving some guidelines on posting on the forum, should also give an indication of the forum’s scope to include not only social sections but also special interest sections and important news bulletins and last but not least, how to use forum.

One very useful link is found under “Quick Links” at the top of the page - click there and you’ll find “New Posts” in the drop down menu. It’s the first place I check daily :slight_smile:

Thanks Susie! Can’t help but think others may never scroll all the way down to how to use forum and the news section.

I’ve long been concerned that new members, who may never have used any forum before, need more help in finding things.
I’d like to see the Quick Links written in a much larger font, with a short explanation.
Lots of people say they “don’t have time to scroll through all the messages to see what is new” unaware that there is a place you can just click to see what is new since your last visit. Took me ages to find that one!

Glad I’m not the only one, although I wish I were! Somehow it would be nice to get a flash briefing of carer news without having to go back to the board index!

One of the reasons why I keep the NEWS SECTION upto date as best I can ?

Compare the forum’s to CUK’s ?

News and campaigns | Carers UK

In many ways the forum is like a broadsheet newspaper.

Many scan the sports section … and hardly any other sections ?

Sorry Chris that I rarely get there. Seems to me that the main posts of the latest agm need be posted where nobody can miss them, unless it was judged a non-event, and that would be pitiful.

No problem.

NO news article will appeal to all … ALL will appeal to some ???