Any news about when the forum will be up and running?

Any news about when the forum will be fully operational to new members?

Not as yet I’m afraid, this is connected to the wider website project but we are making this a priority

I’ve notices that the forum renaming saga is continuing. First it was changed to “Carers Connect” and then when I pointed out this was a term used all over the country for other things, all of a sudden it was again renamed “Our” forum. The term “our” is inappropriate as well, because it doesn’t define who we are. Please, please, can we just go back to being the “Carers UK forum”. It’s surely the best title, it says who we are and what we are!

that link is for the Carers Trust website NOT Carers UK ! I think you meant to post

The term “our” forum only appears on the main website - when you click on the link to access the forum it then appears as Carers Connect.

Please can we just call a spade, a spade!

This is the Carers UK forum.
Wherever and whenever it is given a name, it needs to be called just that.
Who decided to make the name changes?

Whilst my role here is that of long term carer, I have studied Marketing at degree level, and wrote a national magazine for 20 years, which had to meet the needs of a very diverse readers.

My main concern is that it should be fully functional asap.
How many people tried to join us over the lonely Christmas period and gave up in despair?

Apologies for the typo

We share the same concern and are prioritising making the forum accessible to new members