Almost dead? Will the forum be revived in time?

The “old” forum was decommissioned before Christmas. Endless deadlines have come and gone, and I’ve been getting more and more concerned about the delays in getting it fully up and running again, especially having seen that there have been no new sign ups in the last month.
I’ve just searched for “Carers UK” and then “forum”.
The message is still there saying new people cannot join at the moment!
What is going on?

Thanks for your concern @bowlingbun. I’m pleased to say that despite us not being able to admit new members yet, activity on Carers Connect is 50% higher than on our old forum, so something is definitely working well.

Our ability to admit new members is in the hands of the developers of the wider Carers UK website, and has been unfortunately delayed. We have had some breakthroughs recently and the plan is to admit new members in phases when the website and Carers Connect can work together for account creation and maintenance.

The delays have meant a lack of new members to the community for a while now, which isn’t ideal, but I know you and your fellow members will welcome them when they start to join in due course.

In various ways I meet people desperate for help and always pointed them to the forum for help, as I like being anonymous.