new to the forum

Hi, I am new to the forum today and I joined the forum after going to the AGM yesterday. I have never been to a AGM of any description, ever before and I am really glad that I decided to go to the AGM this time. Can I just thank those I spoke to yesterday and thank you for such a lovely day, I met some great people, thanks again.

Did anyone else from the forum attend? Any feedback?
It would be great if someone from HQ could give a report to members who couldn’t make it, like me.

Plenty on Twitter … albeit somewhat one sided :^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

And … welcome Ang to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

I hope you’ll find plenty on the forum to get you thinking … not much in the way of rose tinted present day caring which you
witnessed first hand at the CUK agm.

Our world , Carerland , has been under siege for more than a decade … over half , four million or so , having fun balancing the
three essentials of daily life … eat / heat / roof … the Unholy Trinity.

Any from that half at the agm ?

If so , did they think that they were on a different planet ?

Feel free to bounce anything off us here on the forum.