Signed off work as a carer in the UK to protect my health?

After a flare-up at work last week, I’m now taking 30mg prednisolone tablets to regulate my asthma. I wasn’t given a break to recover. In an hour, I used my blue inhaler six times.

I was told to increase my Fostair 100/6 to 6 dosages per day, but I’m still not feeling well, and my peak flow is quite low.

I realise I’m a necessary employee, but I’m concerned about my health, and my partner won’t allow me leave the house since I’m in such horrible shape.

I’m ready to begin my second course of medications, and I still require daily use of my blue inhaler.

Hello, Rony. It sounds as though you are a professional carer, and, strictly speaking, this is not the forum for you. But I sympathise with your dilemma and appreciate your dedication, and I’ll try to help.

Your partner is correct - you should not be dragging yourself to work when you are physically in such a bad state - you will be of little help to others. You mention a “flare-up”. I won’t ask for details but if circumstances at work are unsatisfactory I suggest you have a few words with your trades union representative (by phone from home if necessary) and discuss the whole issue of work and your health.