Advice on returning to work

Hi All,
I’m Mum & carer to my 30 year old high functioning autistic daughter, I’ll call her Wotsaname. She lives with me, there’s just the two of us. As well as autism she also has a lung condition whereby her lungs produce too much mucous when she’s exposed to dust. She doesn’t have an asthma diagnosis. She has no shortness of breath or chest problems. The condition doesn’t affect her health and she enjoys a wide range of physically demanding activities (one is karate) with no problem. Her medical records mention that she has been seen for “a mucous problem”.
She’s a lollipop lady at a primary school. Her employer is the local council.
She’s been off work as the school’s been closed for the lock-down.
She’s had a call from her Supervisor to see if she’s fit to return to work, but he’s asking for medical clearance (a doctor’s letter) before she can return, likely the 1st June.
The problem is an impasse of sorts - her medical practice no longer issues medical clearance letters for patients returning to work. The receptionist told me that since 2010 it is no longer the case, normally. From that I think there may be exceptions, though the receptionist demurred when I asked directly. She said that at present it’s up to the patient to decide if they’re fit to return to work. Her supervisor has said that medical clearance must be provided before she’s allowed back to work.
Wotsaname says she “feels like a pendulum” is in a lot of a tizz and good old totally knackered Mum has been asked to help.
Has any of you experienced this & can suggest anything?
Grateful doesn’t even come close to what it would mean to us!
Thanks, KYSS (Keep YourSelves Safe

I would put the ball firmly back in the employer’s court. Presumably this is a request related to the epidemic. Ask the employer to arrange an independent medical for her. I suspect as soon as they discover the cost, they will back down.
Another possible way round it would be to produce a copy of her medical record since Lockdown. This should now be available to her electronically if she asks, I believe.

Me too: explain that her GP no longer issues such letters and hasn’t since 2010. They must surely be aware of this already, unless they are only asking due to Corona Virus, in which case your daughter can arrange for a test for that, it’s free.

Hi Caroline

If you think you might me identified by the names. You are calling your daughter and yourself.

Please change because of confidentiality.

Hi all, thanks for your replies, sunnydisposition point taken & names changed I’m so tired it just didn’t occur to me …duh!
So, I rang her supervisor and asked what exactly was required, explaining the situation with the medical practice. When Wotsa applied for the job she’d used words that triggered HR to request med clearance due to being higher risk with the c/virus thing - “lung condition” & “dust allergy”. Hence he had to get med clearance in writing, just to cover the council’s back I think. Words like duty of care, rsponsibility etc. Whatever.
He was quite nice about it when I suggested he send Wotsa a letter requesting written clearance from the practice, which I could then drop off for her, or have her take an Occ Health assessment.
He rang HR to explain and clarify, half an hour later he rang Wotsa to say she’s back at work 1st June. Result.
Thanks guys, you’re awesome!!

Happy to help. Hope it goes well.