Should i be concerned

Mum is 75 years old. In past week or so I’ve noticed a slight cough on and off during the day but not excessive and also she occasionally gets ‘croaky’.
Today though she looks quite heavy eyed, has a headache, not much energy (can’t be bothered) and has just fallen asleep in the chair.

I don’t want to worry her or over react but thought i’d reach out on here for some support and what to do?

Are you able to take her temperature.

If you are concerned tomorrow, call the doctor. It may be nothing to worry about, may be covid, maybe something else. You know your mum better than anyone else but without medical training it is up to the medical profession to determine, not family.

Hi Mia. You can phone 111 for advice anytime if you 're still worried.
Is your mum eating and drinking?
If your mum is not eating then she may well have a high temperature in which case I would phone her doctor today.

You should call 111, it is the best approach.