Just a rant.

A friend of mine is vulnerable/disabled and in desperate need of some help cleaning their home, it’s in quite a state and more than I can do alone so I called around some companies for help.

Got a call back from one company with glowing reviews. Guy couldn’t have been nicer on the phone, and stated that he had all the COVID protocols in place and that I could rest assured all would be well.

Cut to this afternoon, and two people show up to assess what needed doing and quote for the work…and honestly, as I replay it in my mind I cannot believe what was said.

They parked up outside, got out, and I could hear the male coughing outside before they came down the path. They appear at the door, don’t give me their names, just hand me a card. They’re both wearing the face visors and nothing else.

They ask where they need to go to see the job, and I’m a bit gobsmacked. I say “I can’t let you inside without a mask on.”

And this guy goes “I’m wearing one.”

I said, “Er, that’s a face visor. The household is extremely high risk and immuno-compromised, I can’t let you inside without a proper mask on.”

He then goes “Well, if you wanna give me one I’ll wear it.”

And like a prize prat, I almost did. But I stopped myself, turned back and said “You know what? If I can’t trust you to wear a mask to give me a quote, I can’t trust you to wear one when you’re doing the job, so we won’t be doing business.”

And that was that. Off they went.

Am I wrong to be absolutely staggered by that attitude?

I made it absolutely clear they were coming to a vulnerable person’s home before I even gave them the address.

“I’m wearing one.” Since when is a face visor a mask? What a joker.

I just can’t believe some people’s complete disregard and lack of respect for people who are at risk. Like, okay, you might be double jabbed, but some people can’t be vaccinated and are still at risk, and when someone you care about has barely been outside since Feb 2020, in a bid to stay alive, is it really too much to ask someone (an alleged professional no less) to respect their clients needs and take the steps to protect them?

It’s so frustrating, such a waste of time and it’s really put me off trying anyone else because what hope is there for finding a decent cleaning company when one with so called “rave reviews” has staff like this?

You need to use a Care Agency, CQC registered.
Has your friend had a Needs Assessment from Social Services?

I’m repeatedly told that care agencies don’t clean. They certainly don’t take rubbish/furniture away that would all be additional cost to go the CQC route.

She wants absolutely nothing to do with social services in our area, due to past experience with some relatives, and I really can’t blame her. They’re nothing but a nightmare.

The care agency who went to my friends neighbour didn’t clean. Didn’t take rubbish out, or even switch on the washing machine!
My friend did the washload ( in neighbours machine not her own) and I put it on airer to dry. Poor 91 year old lady had no clean underwear left. I was shocked at the little these carers did. So not surprised you are told care agencies don’t clean.
Have you tried age UK or similar, for recommendations?

We can only advise on the information we are given!

I agree BB, the neighbours daughter couldn’t be bothered to complain, or even request a breakdown of what they were doing. Everything is such a fight.

That’s awful, @Pet66.

Can’t say I’m surprised though. What I find amazing is how the Care Act and the direct payment guidelines, and what not, state that “maintaining a habitable environment” is one of the key factors for providing care, and yet so many care companies/paid carers refuse to do even the most basic cleaning. It’s outrageous really.

Ain’t it just!

Decades ago there were “Home Helps” provided by local councils - they did cleaning, shopping, cooking and some minimal personal care. But times have changed and now working as a Care Assistant is seen as a “career path” for which you need qualifications (NVQ’s etc) and, as such, they concentrate on personal care and don’t do such menial tasks as cleaning :unamused:

Perhaps a case of needing to bring back “the good old days” ?

Age Uk provides home helps in some areas Home help services | Age UK I have heard it’s not cheap. I don’t think they’d do the blitzing but once the house was sorted would help maintain it in a clean and tidy state.


There is a lot of difference between a care agency doing what might be called a “one off deep clean” and regular domiciliary care, washing, cooking, bathing etc.
However, if you are up against someone with what might be called “Diogenes Syndrome” that is a whole different scenario.
In some circumstances, people can be removed from their homes if the conditions are too bad.
Until the OP gives us more information, it’s difficult to comment further.

Well, I didn’t really post for advice. This was a rant about people being disrespectful regarding wearing masks in someone else’s home, which has been somewhat derailed.

Apologies that your rant has been derailed. You can rant as much as you need

Ranting on it’s own doesn’t resolve the cause of the rant though.
Surely finding a practical solution would make life for all concerned happier?


Rant as often as you need too - we’ll probably still offer suggestions - a lot of carer’s brain’s are wired to make solutions.

Re visors being worn and not masks - I wouldn’t go with that agency either. (Perhaps worth checking with the next agency what their policy re PPE is before even considering having them out for a meeting. )