Carers Workers and PPE

I look after my Wife who is in the shielded category.
We also have my Mum here because she could not cope, because of her dementia. We have 8 carers a day come to support Ros because I have a spinal injury I cannot do the moving and handling.
I was told by one care company who look after Ros that they had been told that any care worker getting within 2mtrs of Ros has to wear a mask and eye protection in addition to apron and gloves. The Care Company that washes and dresses Ros have said that the enhanced PPE is only needed is Ros becomes symptomatic. I have tried Social Services and the CCG for clarification. Has anyone out there come across this problem

Just a quick response you could try …

or contact you G.P. and or Social Services.

Hi Norman,
advice for Carer workers delivering care in someone’s home is here [Withdrawn] [WITHDRAWN] COVID-19: guidance on home care provision - GOV.UK this should answer your questions.