Parental care

Hi, my wife and I care for my two elderly parents (late eighties and nineties). It generally involved me visiting them once a week to assist with their chores i.e. cleaning, shopping, personal hygiene, banking etc. As a result of COVID I am trying not to visit but calling on the telephone and texting every day. I have placed my dad on the Home Office especially vulnerable list as this provides some benefits to them. They have understandably asked me not to visit but I am in a quandary. Many of the things I do for them can be delayed but I am concerned about changing their bed covers. It’s been over a month now. As my mum has a colostomy bag and my dad has ulcerated legs the bed does get messy and a month is an awfully long time. I don’t have any symptoms of Corona. I wonder should I visit them to change the bed or leave it a while longer? I worry about the risk of infection to them from the bed covers.

Also, do carers have any access to PPE I’m guessing not.

I have only just joined the forum so I hope this post is acceptable.

Any advice or thoughts gratefully received.

Thanks, Neil.

Hi Neil … welcome to a coronavirus free forum as I type.

Short of repeating the latest Government guidelines for carers , little else.

Guidelines … not directives enforceable by law ???


Nope , every family carer for him / herself.

many thanks Bill I’ll have a read

Your welcome and … stay safe as best you and your family can.