Shocking revelation of disturbing twist to CHC funding

I came across the following article that may confirm why people are disqualified from CHC funding.

Nurses paid £110,000 to strip dementia sufferers of their care funding: Latest disturbing twist in our probe into cutbacks hitting the elderly

Thanks for posting. It is indeed disturbing. Haven’t we seen examples of these tactics on our forum?

As Bowlingbun often says, carers and families are frequently being deprived of their legal rights. This is another serious example.


The only solution to the postcode lottery problem is to have some sort of national assessment system.

Inspection of care homes was taken away from Councils and CSCI, later replaced by CQC was formed.
We need a similar assessment scheme for CHC.

Expecting the current system to work is a bit like a turkey voting for Christmas.
Little wonder when the bill could be over £1,000 per week per patient the CCCG is desperate for their assessors to say no. I expect if an assessor was independent, the results would be very different. I live in the New Forest, one of the highest percentages of elderly in the country, yet relatively few qualify for CHC.

A judge once said that almost everyone in a nursing home should qualify, so why are there lots of nursing homes in my area but few people qualifying for CHC?