Shingles and pneumonia injections

My best friend and I have turned 70, so we decided to have a little celebration by having afternoon tea together yesterday, in a lovely hotel in the New Forest.
My friend is recovering from shingles, and she told me it was horrendously painful, something she wouldn’t wish on anyone. Apparently the NHS should be arranging vaccinations for everyone in the 70-80 age group.
No one told her, and I didn’t know either! I’ve now made my appointment.

Also, everyone over 65 should be vaccinated against pneumonia. I’ve had some grim chest infections in the last few years, one nearly requiring hospital admission, but I’ve never been offered the jab for that either. When I rang my surgery, the receptionist knew nothing about this scheme either, just told me to “have a word with the nurse” when I had the shingles jab!

Looking it up last night, apparently it’s not as simple as that, the doctor needs to decide which jab is most appropriate.

So if you are the same age as we are, be sure to get your jabs.
I’m going to ring the Practice Manager later today to suggest they urgently review these jabs.

I’ve had both :smiley: Both offered by our practice nurse during one of my diabetes review appointments.
Pneumonia was about 10 years ago and the shingles one a couple of years ago. No problems/side effects with either :smiley:

Yes, shingles advertised at my G.P. surgery for some years. There was this year shingles vaccine mentioned quite a lot on the radio.

No mention though of pneumonia.

If I remember rightly, the pneumonia jab lasts about 10 years, so you might want to boost up…