Medical support

Hi not sure if this is the right place…
Just looking for advice regarding my mum.
She lives with me and is 100 in a few weeks time…
Getting increasingly frail, and difficult to get her to GP appointments, for blood tests, etc regular as she is on Edoxoban.
Is there any provision to have people come to the house to do this, she is very anxious now as we have to go for covid and flu jabs. She relies on a wheelchair out of the house.
I asked community nurse but they are not involved in covid roll out this time.
They are very good and come and see her when she has problems. Pressure sore etc
I know she has to go out to the hospital for her macular injection.
But the other things, is there anything I can do, so she doesn’t have to go out to the GP
Sorry a bit long

Hi Christine and welcome.

Given your Mum’s age, you may well be having your own health issues that mean taking Mum out in her wheelchair might be a bit much for you. I’m 64, and taking my wife out shopping today was a bit harder than I’d like to admit. You should also know that I tend to be a bit understated. :mrgreen:

I’ve looked online and so far have found nothing in the NHS guidance that says you can have a vaccination at home, and they all talk about “walk-in” centres. I strongly suggest you talk to your GP and make it clear that your Mum struggles when out, is clinically vulnerable to covid, so attending a walk-in centre would seem inappropriate. If you’re also having difficulties as discussed above, make that clear to them. Hopefully they’ll be able to arrange something for you. They must have arrangements somewhere for people unable to leave the house.

Does your hospital do patient transport for eye clinic - having said that it is only for patients you would have to make your own way to the clinic.

My mum is 91 and for a few years has been home visits from the GP for blood tests, flu & covid jabs and GP visits because it is too much effort for her and climbing in and out of the car has been a struggle the past year so I upgraded my car for a wheelchair accessible vehicle WAV for her and if she has been in hospital it is hospital transport home.

Covid booster for the summer I gave up on home vaccination and I ended up taking her to a pharmacist for it but had we not got the WAV I couldn’t have taken her there.

Write to the GP surgery asking for your mum to be listed for home visits because at 100 years old her body has deteriorated and she is so frail it is physically and emotionally too much for her to come to the surgery.

Don’t mention the eye clinic, if they mention it then yes she has that but it is hospital transport/whatever and a real struggle for her then she is recovering in bed for a day or so after.

If you haven’t done so already, do a letter from your mum to the GP surgery giving you permission to discuss her health and care with them.