80 yr old male concerned close contact with working spouse?

This I appreciate is approaching this Forum from the opposite direction, but it appears to be the only site that is both well organised and supported.
I am an 80yr old quite capable and mobile with serious underlying problems, I have just completed over 4 heart operations and now sport a shiny new triple heart pacemaker and have to take some very serious drugs. Equally since 1993 I have had to have HRT due to a pituitary failure. In turn this has caused secondary polycythemia.
My concern and question is this, my wife who is some 20yrs younger than me is very good at looking after my requirements such as meds and appointments and all that goes with my conditions. In fact she is a star!
However she works 4 days in a supermarket and has recently be placed on check outs, this brings her into close contact with people from all walks of life with no idea of their health situation.
When she comes home she washes her hands, but as always I cant wait to greet her, we always kiss and embrace almost immediately.
Its a hard thing to ask, but am I at any risk from either kissing her, staying close, or embracing her whilst she still wears her work clothes? Please tell me I’m worrying unnecessarily.Thankyou/

This isn’t a good situation.

No there are concerns here. Your wife needs to prioritise both your heath needs. Even your wife if in the upper age group. Even if she has no underlining health issues. That she maybe aware of there have been people. In this age group and younger that have had issues with the virus. I think we all need to air of the side of caution. We all need to take personal responsibility. Even if she requested a move to the stock room. She will be mixing with store staff of all ages. At the very least working on a till she should be using gloves and a mask. Discarding them before bringing them into the home. And yes remove all clothing and shower etc.

Surely, if it’s not a monetary issue. She should discuss with her employer. Staying at home with you.

NHS will be sending a letter to all the high riskers next week telling them what to do.
Kissing and cuddling will be a big no, no, methinks.

The general advice from Doctors etc is that your wife should definitely keep her distance ! At least 6 feet away if you are in the same room. Close contact is to be avoided where possible and certainly you should not be sharing a bed.

If one or other of you contract the virus then you need to self-isolate completely - i.e. the infected one should self-isolate in one room for 14 days with absolutely no close contact. The un-infected one can deliver meals to the door with the infected one using separate crockery/cutlery which they wash up; they should use the bathroom separately using separate towels and clean/disinfect the bathroom after use.

I know that it is likely to be hard on you both but it will only be for a limited amount of time and, in the greater scheme of things, “better safe than sorry” !

I have underlying health issues and still fairly young. I am self isolating and my whole family is as well. We have our shopping delivered and prescriptions.

It’s just not worth the risk of a partner working if someone in the house is in the vulnerable group which I am.

I notice online a lot of people in this situation are self isolating as a family.