Shared lives housing

Myself and my wife are looking at getting into shared lives, we both have experience, some of my family members work with shared lives and I grew up helping my parents as they both fostered for 18 years so plenty of experience.

The backstory to my question is…
We live in a 2 bedroom flat with Hampshire housing association (maisonette style, one up one down and we’re on the top) we have 2 bedrooms with my daughter age 4 sharing our bedroom to give our 9 year old son his own space.

We’re not eligible for a 3 bed property until September this year and even then it could take another year to get a property using the bidding system.

So we don’t have the space to have a shared lives placement and are keen to know if the council or shared lives themselves can help with this?

Any comments welcome!

Just ask Hampshire CC if they can advise you.

Hi Connor,
Won’t you still need all your bedrooms in a 3 bed house for yourselves and two children?

I agree with BB, , you need to ask housing about this.

You could consider doing Shared Lives day support?


Historically, some local authorities would help to adapted a property for shared lives. But this was only for people providing respite for very high level care needs adults. Usually space for hoisting special adapted bathrooms etc.

You would most certainly be required to have a spare bedroom. As has been mentioned you could provide day respite. And this would help you and your family to see if shared lives is for you
And the Local Authority If you would want to provide over night respite. When you have a spare room available.