Foster carer child Accommodation


Looking to become a foster carer in future, I understand a separate bedroom is required over the ages of 3. Does the bedroom have to be part of the same building as I have an outbuilding in garden newly furnished bedroom/bathroom currently would that be eligible?


I very much doubt it. You would need to be on hand at all times and within earshot.

My friend has been fostering for about 10 years and loves it but it is hard work. She has had siblings who share rooms.

Yeah your right they have to be on the same floor.

Sharing rooms i think is not allowed now it used to be allowed.

Could have a lodger instead, Pipsy.


If it has a kitchenette and en suite it could be self catering accommodation, which could be very lucrative and no hassle. Your friend clearly doesn’t have a clue about what fostering involves. I’m stunned that she would think for a second it would be OK!