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Hello. This is my first post here and I am looking for help or advice.

Firstly I started caring for my Neice in October 2021 following the death of my sister. My Neice has just turned 21 and has cerebral palsy and with this many learning disabilities.

I decided to care for her as we’ve always been close and I was able to guide her into college during this difficult time and also help her grow as an adult.

My sister had a 2 bedroom flat which my Neice resided in and this is part of a housing association (Abri) we instantly applied for the succession and I had a very short time to gather what information I needed to succeed this property.

The biggest issue I’ve had was proving that my Neice required the extra bedroom for her care needs but the housing association deemed this property to big for her and have offered to give her a one bedroom which she needs to apply for.

We then requested help from social services regarding her care needs and they agreed she needs 40 hours a week of care. Which they offered to assist with BUT after a few weeks I noticed an extra decline in my Neice and I found she wasn’t, even with care looking after herself properly… it was just basic things like not washing or cleaning. So I decided she come live with me.

Recently we were approached by the housing association and they have advised me if I can get proof she has care needs then she can keep the extra bedroom… this seemed like very good news, however social services will not reply to me regarding her care needs plan and now I’m back to where I was last year trying to figure out what proof I can gather to give to the housing association regarding her keeping the extra bedroom.

I sent them letters from doctors and her education plan but it wasn’t enough

I desperately need help and guidance to follow this procedure and am looking for any help available in assisting me in helping my Neice.

Any help would be great help.

Hello & Welcome Martin

The go to people for this is



Do I gather the extra bedroom is for care staff to use.

Are they querying the fact that you need to be there to support your niece?
If none of the information you have given has been sufficient, I think it’s time to ask them what sort of evidence they are expecting?!
Have you contacted Scope for advice? As CP is their area of expertise I suspect they may have met this issue before.


There will be a charity of some sort where you live who can work with you in regards to Housing and they will fight for you and your niece.

As another poster has suggested, ask the HA exactly what they need. Make it clear you have contacted SS and are waiting for a response. Give the HA the contact details of the SS team and tell them to make contact.

Get the HA to come and see you and your niece. They can see it face to face as to what her needs are.

Failing that, go to CAB and ask for help.

Keep in touch with the HA and let them know what you are doing so they don’t think you are just sat chilling.

What is your housing situation by the way? Private rent? Owned? Council?

Dear Martin _2208
My name is Kristie and i am a volunteer online community host for Carers UK. I would like to say i hope in the difficult situation you find yourself that hopefully when i give you our email address and telephone number the advisers will be able to help you. I also hope that other carers on the forum will be able to help you too.
So, welcome to the forum! You are not alone in your caring role and i am sure that many on here will understand exactly how you feel and will offer you the support that you need. Caring can be a very lonely time and the pandemic has made caring responsibilities challenging as many carers have been socially restricted and unable to attend social groups etc.
Carers UK are running two online weekly meet ups for carers and you can find the information on how to register at:- Care For A Cuppa:- Online meetups | Carers UK. The second online weekly meet up is called Share And Learn:-Share and Learn | Carers UK.
Carers UK telephone number is 0808 808 7777 and the line is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am-6pm and the email address is (advice@carersuk.org).
They provide information and guidance to unpaid carers. This covers:-
-Benefits And Financial Support
-Your Rights As A Carer In The Work Place
-Carers Assessments And How To Get Support In Your Caring Role
-Services Available To Carers And The People You Care For
-How To Complain Effectively And Challenge Decisions
Best Wishes