Separation Anxiety

Hi everyone :blush:

I’ve been a carer for my dad for a few years now but his newest symptom is getting worse and wondered how others deal with it?

He has separation anxiety, during the day and at night. I can’t even pee without him shouting out.

I have tried ignoring it in the hope it will pass but all he does is get louder and louder and more obnoxious too, often escalating to swearing and making crying noises (though it is only the noise).

Hopefully temporarily - giving confidence.
You can actually purchase a simple door bell. Give you dad the bell and demonstrate you have the other part- on your person. Tell him there is no need to call or shout out. As you know he needs you and you are aware. Possible he will also hear it where you are also.

When you want to do something. You need to give something that will distract him. While you do you tasks.

Have you spoken to his GP about this?
Might be worth recording him on your phone to help the doctor understand what is going on.

Hi Mudblood,
That sounds very hard to cope with and is putting unreasonable pressure on you. As BB says, I think you should involve the GP. He may need medication to help ease his anxiety, you could then try implementing the strategies from Sunnydisposition, though I think you could grow to hate the bell too.


PS what is his cognitive level of functioning? I wonder if some of the strategies used with young children/ learning disabled would work to reassure him too.