Self employed carer - Use this great app

Hi, I am a carer and recently look the leap from being employed to self employed. I wasn’t worried about finding the work as there are loads of platforms with an abundance of clients, I was really worried about submitting expenses and filing my accounts. In the end I have used the services of PDL payment solutions. They have been providing a service in other industries but are now offering the app for carers. All I do on a daily basis is record my activities which can be submitted as expenses. They then link these to the HMRC for me on a weekly basis and the expenses reduce my tax and NI contributions. I now take home 90% of my wage each week and I get payslips so I can still get credit for when I’m skint. I don’t have any of the worry or headache of keeping a track of all my receipts as they are uploaded and approved via the app. There are loads of expenses which can be submitted from laundry, fuel, food, PPE etc. The difference it has made to me is unbelievable. If you’re going to take the leap of faith do it the easy way !!

This site is for unpaid family carers, not careworkers.

I hope it works out for you.
I hope you factor in sick pay and holiday leave in your rates to your clients.
Also I hope you have the ability to provide cover for your holidays and sick leave.
Plus insurance as a carer and your private pension to yourself.
Not forgetting keeping up to date with conformances for care standards and regulations/laws.

I care for my mother 24/7 as an unpaid carer so I do not have the luxuries that you have.

I wish you every success in your self employed venture.

We do have a few members who are salaried care professionals but Carers UK Forum is primarily here to support and advise those caring for a relative and/or friend in an unpaid, non-professional capacity.