Caring Allowance and Self Employment

Hi Everyone,
Could anyone please help with my query. I am a full time Carer of my husband and am self employed I have a little crafting business that I run for a few hours as and when I can. I am looking at my allowable expenses am I permitted to pay myself a small wage every week or is this only allowable for an employee as I don’t employ anyone it’s just me.
Any advice would be very appreciated.
Thanks Bev Xx

Hi Toyer / Bev … welcome to the canteen.

Carers Allowance and self employment ?

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( Internet search … many forum postings across this and other forums over the years.
MumsNet surprising a rich vein … so I gather … not brave enough to enter that domain without protection ! )

To keep the basics simple … a couple of links to external sites for initial guidance :

Carer's Allowance: Eligibility - GOV.UK

What is Carer's Allowance? - Turn2us

£ 120 per week LIMIT … maximum amount one can earn , employed and / or self employed AND still be eligible for Carers Allowance … £ 123 from 6 April ( Whoopie ? ).

There are various expenses that can be offset against earnings … similar to those that satisfy the TaxMan ( HM Revenue
and Customs ) as deductions before the tax due is calculated.

For most a few £’s over the limit , a personal pension plan seems to be a very common route … excess transfered across
… a definite case of possible jam tomorrow rather than today.

Fun starts if any income related benefits are also claimed … and whether Universal Credit has been rolled out on your manor.

As a freebie , an Online Benefit Calculator for an instant financial m.o.t. :

Everything out there currently being claimed / any abnormalities revealed ?

Council Tax … discount / disregard ?

Housing … if tenant … social / btl … housing benefit ?

Caring side … problems / adequate support / upto date Needs and Carers assessments ?

That’s the basics … feel free to bounce anything else off us here on the forum.