Carers allowance amd self employment


Just wanted to post a question if anyone could help me thay would be much appreciated.

My question is.

I currently care for my partner and receiving carers allowance for this we also have 3 children ages 10, 9 and 6 which we recieve child tax credits we also receive income support,child benefit and my partner receives pip allowance. I have always worked but had to give it up because of caring responsibilits and the children, i am wanting to start my own little business around 1 hour a day working from home as i need to stay close to my partner so gets my head off the caring situation and really to give myself a little break i wont be earning alot of profit but i need to know if i will loose any of my current beneifts i have tried to search this on google and says i can earn up to £100 a week but im assuming that money would be deducted out of one our benefits which we receive now?

I hope i have explained it well and someone could shed a little light on this?

Many thanks. :exclamation:

Hi Lisa … welcome to the canteen.

Carers Allowance and self employment ?

A minefield made even worse if Univeral Credit has been rolled out on your manor … ?

Have you tried crunching some numbers through an Online Benefits Calculator ?

Twofold … great for " What if " scenarios and to confirm that all benefits / allowances out there are currently beng claimed :

A previous thread ( There are several ) will be of assistance here :

An Internet search … CARERS ALLOWANCE AND SELF EMPLOYMENT … will throw up numerous links … both supporting organisations and forum threads across the whole spectrum … including what expenses may be deducted to keep within the present limits.

One for the CUK Advice Team to spell out ALL the scenarios … especially the UC mines … contact details in that thread.

Hi thanks for the quick responce we don’t claim universal credits as its not in our area yet.

Your welcome.

Certainly one bullet dodged … if only a reprive ?

Under UC , some Old Money benefits … like Child Tax Credits … disappear … and certain knock on effects on existing benefits … that " Joy " is yet to come … including " Projected " earnings from self employment … a whole new ball game !

Way forward ?

Benefits calculator … everything being claimed ? … then the CUK Advice Team.

Ok ill do the calculator and see what that brings up.

Thanks again.

Your welcome , again … feel free to bounce anything off us here on the forum.

Housing … owner occupied / mortage … tenant … social / BTL … any problems ?

I have completed the online calculator and as far as i’m aware everything i earn from self employment for example i would earn £100 a week they would stop £100 out of my income support so i would still be getting the same amount of money??? But i would have to work for that!


Sounds about right … £ 1 for £ 1 basis.

If staircased , would fit into the Government’s policy of making work pay ?

Great surprise when no announcement in the budget for Carers Allowance / £ 120 limit to be staircased.

Smoke and … mirrors ?