Searching for a phrase

Excuse me if I’m being stupid, but I just can’t see how to search for a phrase on this forum. I’m used to putting the phrase in inverted commas, but that doesn’t seem to work here, even in the Advanced search. I’m searching for “PIP appeal”, but all my searches bring up posts including “PIP” and “appeal” (you can imagine there are quite a few of those [typical British understatement :slight_smile: ]), but not necessarily together!

Can anyone help me out, please?

Par for the course on many forums designed by phpBB software.

Case of trial and error … PIP APPEAL PROBLEMS … may narrow it down slightly.

Internet search will reveal hundreds if not low thousands of replies on the major disability forums.

SCOPE … literally pages of them.

Groups making up The Disability Alliance … no punches pulled on that topic !!!

This one , for carers , is a mere sideshow.

I can help if you would let me know the precise area realting to " PIP Appeals. "

Law / practice / advocates / procedures / venue access ( If disabled ) / travelling problems etc. etc.

Well, I was actually looking for people who’d had experience of them, since it seems we shall be having to undergo one. But really it was more of a case of knowing what the syntax was for finding phrases in general.

Firstly you don’t to need use inverted commas when searching for a phrase on this forum - and - secondly ‘PIP’ and ‘appeal’ will bring up many threads where those words have been used (just checked and found 22 pages worth !) because they are very often used in commonly asked questions.

Unfortunately you will have to check all of them to see if one contains the answers you are looking for.

It might be just easier to start a thread explaining the specific problems you are having, asking for help.

PIP experiences ?

Disability forums are full of them.

Strongly recommend a strong drink before viewing some of those.

Having said that … some do sail through … but never report the experience.

Hi Nikiya,
If you use advanced search, and

Place + in front of a word which must be found > and - in front of a word which must not be found. Put a list of words separated by | into brackets if only one of the words must be found. Use * as a wildcard for partial matches.

Your search will at least bring up all posts/ threads ( you stipulate which further down on the advanced search) include both these terms.

However, as BB says, you could explain your/your carees situation for a more tailored and specific response.


My offer still stands !

Some from this forum … surprisingly few : ( Good for background to the current process. )[/b]\

A mere drop in the ocean when compared to the disability support forums.

Thank you, all! I was trying for Best Practice and not opening a thread where there’s an existing one already, but it’s proving so difficult that I think you’re right :slight_smile: