Claiming PIP, finding it overwhelming and confusing.,

Hi everyone,

I am new here, I am not a carer so I hope it’s okay to post.

If anyone has any advice at all that can help me with my PIP claim that would be amazing.

I am currently receiving lower rate mobility, but am renewing my claim.

I was awarded lower rate mobility in 2017, due to agoraphobia, at the time I did not leave the house at all. But 2 years on I do leave the house, daily, but I cannot do this unless I have either my Mum or Sister with me. I do this to walk our dogs locally (we do not go far at all, but I still could not do it without someone with me) these walks double up as exposure therapy, and if I didn’t make myself go daily, then I do believe that my agoraphobia would become worse, and I would be housebound again.

I am really worried about saying on my PIP form that I go to walk the dogs, because will that actually count a a “familiar journey”?. Especially as it isn’t far. I am just really scared about losing my PIP.

Also, I do not communicate with anyone face to face, other than my mother, sister, and a next door neighbour who comes over sometimes. Other than that I find it far too overwhelming to have anybody over, it makes me extremely anxious. I want to put this down on the PIP form, but I am scared to because the other thing that I do do without finding it too hard is take deliveries (like a tesco deliver shop) I don’t really find this overwhelming as it is a quick and predictable interaction, but do I include that on the form?

Any help or advice would be lovely :slight_smile: I am also confused about several of the other descriptors, but I don’t want to rant on and rant on my first post. Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Hi Dotty.

Look no further than the CAB for assistance with PIP claims :

Check how to fill in your claim form - Citizens Advice


Use our Personal Independence Payment (PIP) guidance to help you fill in your PIP claim form. There is advice for each question, including:

what the questions mean.

what to write about in your answers.

examples of answers people might give.

help explaining how your illness or disability affects you.

PIP is based on how your condition affects you. It’s not based on your particular illness or disability, or your medication.

It’s very important to think about each question. Our help pages will help you to decide if you need to answer each question.

SCOPE … online community … another resource for problems with all aspects of PIP :

PIP, DLA, and AA — Scope | Disability forum

That is fantastic thank you, I have not seen that helpful list on CAB before, it is very helpful.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your welcome.

Another useful place to try is the Benefits & Work website:
They provide a lot of guides (although you have to pay to join to get at a lot of them, but I’d say it’s money well invested)

Some good reviews on the Internet for the people behind that site , Nikiya.

A gap in the market so to speak … almost a " One Stop Advice Shop " so muted across the forums for the past 15 years !!!

Closest would be the CAB who , like most others , are suffering from the cutbacks … almost non existent at local level on my
manor , Worksop … at least we try locally to bridge that information gap.

( Be handy just to have 3 / 4 / 5 bookmarks when posting information on the forum … currently 37 ! )