scrap 2m rule

People will need face masks if 2-metre rule relaxed, says Sage

Warning from UK government advisers reflects concerns over plans to reopen pubs and cafes

with my thoughts over the 2 meter rule , with advise from the goverment who said we can hug , kiss , and even have sex i would have thought that there would no rule 1 or 2 meter as you cant do these things apart from each other

Boris Johnson announces lockdown ‘bubbles’ letting two households hug and kiss

You can’t eat or drink with a mask/ face covering on!

"Boozing before Schooling. " Boris’s new mantra?

Who wants to eat out right now anyway!

Not me!

what friends are asking is why has the goverment said that you can create a social bubble before the 2 meter review and the possibility of it being removed

Maybe the fact that isolating single persons’ mental health is suffering. Or because they are feeling sorry for the Imperial College professor who broke the rules by seeing his lady friend?

i would have thought that everyones mental health is suffering not only down to isolation but also down to goverments advice which seems to be misleading

Lockdown will be eased by withdrawing one measure at a time. The family “bubble” groups was one measure, re-opening of shops as of today was another, and relaxing the 2 metre rule is a possible third.

Monitoring of cases of infection and death from Covid-19 continues as lockdown eases. If cases start to rise again, then the measure recently withdrawn will need to be applied.

It is too soon to relax the 2 m rule because of other measures recently withdrawn. If infection rates were to rise after withdrawing multiple measures, it would be very difficulty to determine which measure had caused this, and measures would need to be re-applied in multiple.

My view is that early July would be a suitable time to relax the 2 m rule - perhaps reduce it to 1·5 metres as an interim stage. This would be provided infection rates were continuing to fall, of course.

I know these measures are frustrating at times, but human lives are at stake here.

Hugs, cuddles, etc., as the sensationalist press puts it, are appropriate to close family groups where there has been no case of infection.

with the pm review on the 2 meter rule has the pm taken notice of what Health Secretary Matt Hancock said Coronavirus: Up to 80% diagnosed with COVID-19 have no symptoms, health secretary says

so wont this cause a issue with scrap 2 meter rule and social bubbles

I always watch the Jeremy Vine show, but was amazed when discussing the 2 metre rule. Someone called in and said the whole Coronavirus thing was nonsense and we should get back to normal.
How can someone be so pig ignorant. I would love him to meet the families of the 42,000 people grieving and say to there faces it is nonsense…