Lockdown bubbles

first i am not trying to upset anyone if the mods need to remove this then please send me pm saying why thanks

. I saw a article about lockdown bubbles on the news from the government which is now confusing
First the whole world including government and world health organisations said that cronovirus can be sexually transmitted so people had to self love. and now the government is advising that people can have sex from different households

People be allowed to hug, kiss, share meals or even have sex in each other’s homes for the first time since March 23.

So has cronovirus gone if not why is the government adviceing that you can have sex

what happened to the 2 meter rule and about you cant use the toilet if you went to friends for a meal outside in the garden

Is it because of the infection rate has gone down I know that I saw on www there where concerns over the infection rate and vaccine in the way as infection rate goes down would there be anyone to test a vaccine on so is the lockdown bubble from the government another way for people to get infected so they can test there vaccine

This article from the BBC better explains “social bubbles” that are mainly aimed at allowing people who live alone or single parents to interact with either a partner, parent, grandparent, etc. Of course this only applies to those living in England as the devolved nations have their own lockdown rules.


I think its a balance of risk. They are concerned about the mental health problems that some are suffering as a result of isolation.

They are assuming that the single people meeting up will be following strict social distancing guidelines elsewhere.

yes i do agree with people sufering with mental health in the result of isolation but how can you follow strict social distancing guidelines when you kiss , hug , etc according to the goverment i expect that everyone who wants to kiss hug etc would have to wear some form of ppe this is going to be a big risk in its self and people are going to be aware as we all know it can affect children

we was up the park today and all though we saw people that we know they would not even come over and stroke the dog but they would sit down and talk to other people with out social distancing allthough we have been friends for many years

Single people need to pick one other household to link up with, as long as no people in the household are shielding. So unmarried couples living apart can link up. It’s not as if everyone and anyone can hug and kiss everyone and anyond.