Respite/sitting service

Crossroads Braintree & Chelmsford provide regular short breaks to carers who would like a little time to themselves. Our trained care support staff will come into your home and take care of the person you are caring for a few hours each week to give you a break.

We also run a Day Centre in Braintree every Friday 10am-3pm it gives the carer the chance to have a little time to themselves and an opportunity for their ‘cared-for’ person to be part of a weekly social get-together packed with various activities and events throughout the day (including a cooked lunch).

So if you are a carer who provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, would could not manage without your help (this could be due to age, a physical or mental illness, or disability) please call for advice.

01376 529985

Great !

Free … of course ?

( Ex Essex carer … back in 1998 , it was something like £ 12 per hour ? ).

If not , that will rule out HALF the 7.8 MILLION carer army.

Juggling the " Unholy Trinity " on a daily basis … eat / heat / roof … throw in support to that mix ?

Perhaps a little more on said service … ?

No offence but … we’ve seen the label … what’s really in the bottle ?

You can apply for a grant that will pay for the service and once that is going through we have a grant of our own which allows 4 weeks free of charge so we can start the service whilst carer is sorting out carers assessment.

Didn’t want to bombard carers with too much information as it’s very daunting, hence why I said please contact.

We provide the service in Braintree (and surrounding villages), Maldon District and Chelmsford District.

Carers feel free to get in touch as we are here to help


You can apply for a grant that will pay for the service >

The threads on this forum on that one !!!

( " Grant ? What grant ? We had to sack another 300 last week , and put up Council Tax by another 10% just to stand still !

And the natives are complaining again. No bin collection for the fifth week running ! And you talk about grants ??? " )

No price mentioned … just indication of a grant which may be available … from the sales menu as with cold callers ?

Thanks Danni … confirmed what I suspected.

Other readers may draw their own conclusions.

As you are now with us , take a GOOD look around.

Not exactly like the blue bits of CommuterBeltLand but … this IS Carerland … OUR world !!!

Your paymasters withdrew their forum … this is virtually the only one left in town.

If you consider yourself working class before , by the time you leave , you’ll consider yourself middle class … upper middle at that.

I would NEVER accept I am upper middle class (although can fake it for short periods lol)

It’s really a sad state of affairs when we have to repeatly point out to both our
supporting organisations what life / reality / survival is like on The Street.

A chasm that get wider by the day.

Carers Trust / Crossroads should know better … at least they still have a presence
on The Street … albeit in more prosperous areas.

Can I suggest you edit the thread title as it is very area specific.

I may be wrong but sounds not far off a commercial care agency who run day centres? I know some clients pay full rates for such services so not sure this is an appropriate thread?

Crossroads is part of the Carers Trust … the second carers supporting outfit out there.

I asked Susie " Nicely " to let it run for all to see … and form your own opinions.

How long will it be before our very own CUK heads along this very same path ???

Charities / businesses … for many , a rizla cigarette paper between the two ?

Salaries ?

Plenty of threads on that one …

MIND … replacing Government services … members threathening court action … old thread also on that one !

The tip of a very large , dirty grey coloured , iceberg !!!

I maybe incorrect, but as the wording, grants available means its a business?

In this context … grants … if a carer hasn’t the monies to buy respite care ( Thus automatically excluding 3.8 million
or so of our army ) , some LAs may offer grants to do so … or ancillary to whatever arises out of a Carers Assessments.

The mere fact that there are charges for this service indicates a business type arrangemment … whereas
Crossroads … and their ugly sister , Carers Trust … are registered charities.

Some 1,700 organisations that claim to be charities are also operating as money-making businesses, the charity regulator revealed yesterday.

The figure was uncovered by the Charity Commission in the wake of a scandal over the methods used by Age UK, which made millions by using its name to promote household energy deals that were not the cheapest available.

Back to that rizla cigarette paper again ?

Next time anybody rattles a collection tin about , think of … Trussells … a can of beans is NEVER opened before the
recipient receives one !!!

And … over 100,000 of our fellow carers have met face to face with Trussells and their allies … in the year ended 31
December 2017.