A few hours respite break


I am currently caring for y mother who has had a stroke. Luckily I am working from home so can be around for making meals, helping transition to the toilet etc. I wonder if anyone could advice / point me in the right direction for looking for a ‘sitter’, someone who may be able to help out for a few hours once or twice a week that would allow me a few hours respite to exercise, get shopping etc. Are there any volunteers that do this, is this what a care company would provide?

I live in Derby and my mother lives with me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris,

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There is info here about taking a break Taking a break | Carers UK

that may be helpful to you.


Hi Chris

Derby City Council provides short breaks for carers including the sort of service you enquired about. The details are here: Respite care for adults - Derby City Council

Make sure you have notes of the information you want to give and the questions you want to ask before getting in touch.

Haha the council is a disgrace tbh. My experience is your having break down after breakdown and they don’t care and won’t put her in a home so I can even have a tiny holiday. Family (the ones who have to do everything 24/7 really don’t matter as long as they save money) One particularly vile social worker who does nothing but covers up after mistakes and the safeguarding team don’t take any complaints seriously (my mother had 10 safeguarding complaints made by EMAS, within three weeks, after she developed cancer symptoms meaning diagnosis and treatment was delayed which could have been the chance between life and death because they couldn’t be bothered to sort the staff and do the job they were supposed to on time).

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Don’t expect any help off that council one little bit, they neglect people and abuse people. Hire someone private and your so much better, no matter what it costs because it’s heartbreaking seeing the person you love more than anything being neglected and abused each and every day.