Carers Breaks

Hampshire have a ‘Take a break’ Service, which works the same as your normal agency
Would work, so if you wanted a sitter for someone while yourself (Carer) needs to do something.
You would organise. We were introduced to this service ‘Take a break’; when I first saw this
Presumed it was help to have a holiday! But it only offers 3 hours on a set day of the week only
afternoons! Typically annoying always only in the favour of the company! Which got me thinking
‘Well I can simply arrange this through our care agency anyway if we wanted’ so was surprised
This was offered as it’s nothing different. Unfortunately Carersuk does not cover our part of

I’m in the New Forest. Are you aware of Carers Together in Love Lane, Romsey. They cover the whole county.

Yes am aware! But not keen on the attitude of how they work

They have changed a lot in recent years. Have you contacted the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Andover? They run an Emergency Carer Scheme, worth signing up for.

Have to ask the question … said services … Take a break , Emergency carer … free or is there a cost involved ?

If costs are involved , that would potentially rule out a couple of million family / kinship carers if said scheme was available nationwide.

Eat / heat / roof and … break ?

I would be " Fascinated " if the Emergency carer one came with a price tag ?

For example , carer needs to attend court to starve of an eviction notice due to rent not being paid and needs someone to look after the caree in their absence.

On paper , many " Schemes " sound ideal …

Just my curiosity from the point of view of those below that mythical safety net.

The PRTC Emergency Carer scheme is run on behalf of Hampshire CC and is free if charge for the first 48 hours, if I remember rightly.

That would be a relief for many,

Problem is … carer hospitalised longer … say two weeks … upto his / her eyes in debt … bill for " Sitting service " on their discharge ?

Golden Rule … to avoid financial Armageddon , don’t fall ill and need a stay in hospital !

My worst nightmare during my ten year stint !

I digress a little … again … nothing is ever straightforward … back to thread !

Madness abounds! ‘Take a break’ or whoever might ‘Sit’ Council will not pay by direct payment
Family member WHO DOES NOT live with us!! For example 3 hour sit a week x12 hours a month
X 52 weeks! If we say approx £16 an hour for the actual agency charge would be £48 per week
£2,304…remembering the actual carer is getting approx £9 to £9.50 an hour…exactly my point
Council won’t pay my family member at £10 an hour £1,440.00…:thinking::thinking:

Family member ?

Direct Payments CANNOT be used to " Employ " family members :

Yes, they CAN pay family carers, but it needs to be done formally. I’ve had a long battle with HCC, and have recently been told they WILL pay me. I’m not on any benefits, and over 65. Make sure that someone else is managing the Direct Payments other than you, HCC will pay for this too.

The jury is still out on this one , BB … as the main thread concludes.

Employment Law … that’s the MAIN problem … carers becoming employees by law … and all that’s implied ???

With CUK to sort out … one way or the other … only both the Tax<Man and DoleMan to agree on the way forward.

For once , A CLEAR DUTY to do so … including the DLA / PIP / AA element !!!

In the interim , like playing with an unexploded bomb … as many LAs are doing now !

However, as Moonlight and I are both in Hampshire, what has happened to me might also be applicable in Moonlight’s case. HCC were always happy for me to pay my eldest son to look after my youngest son with LD when he was home with me. NEVER an issue.

Perhaps , only a question of time before a " Ruling " comes down to fully set out the position in Law.

To " Employ " a family member and then say certain aspects of Employment Law do not kick in ???

Nothing in present Emplyment Law to allow this practice … in fact , could be considered illegal !

Perhaps a Department of Employment v. A LA court case will produce what we are ALL seeking ???

Thank you Bowling Bun