Reporting changes

Am 22 and my nans full time carer. I had to change my Bank to a new Bank, which I did. I reported this the Carers Allowance people. They took all the info. But i haven’t my Carers Allowance benefit payment since what shall i do ive rang and told i only had to give my new bank details which. So whats happen they say I just have wait. But wait for what

Hello, Nicopaul. A few days have passed. Have you had the money yet?

If not, I suggest you ring the office again and ask what details of you they have on file, including which bank to make payments, and how long it takes for a change to take effect.

Have you actually closed the account at your old bank yet? If not, a payment may have gone there. If so then an attempt at payment would fail and the Office would know about it.

I’m afraid it is sometimes necessary to ginger these people along.