Carer's Allowance stopped

Hi, I’ve been a carer for my nana for about 4 years, receiving Carer’s Allowance.

I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which means I find everyday things difficult. I care for my nana about 50 to 60 hours per week.

Since I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder, someone in their wisdom at the DWP have stopped my CA, and basically said that if I’m so ill with anxiety, then I can’t be caring.

My last CA payment was the 11th of February. DWP sent me a declaration form around this date, for me to sign to say I am looking after my nana.

I signed it and sent it straight off, and I still haven’t had any CA payments.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? I don’t know where to turn for advice?

Thanks in advance for any help.


They’re just trying it on.

Who else do they think is caring for her? Being a carer like that is likely to give you anxiety given the state of the health and benefits systems. Appeal it. I am sure you will get it back and backdated. Others will be along soon to give you the grisly details of exactly how to do that but I would be amazed if it wasn’t reinstated. In the meantime what is your and your Nana’s current situation? Do you have reserves and can ride out the storm or do you need immediate help? Is this part of the Universal Credit roll out by any chance? It sounds like the sort of story I’ve read over and over again in relation to that.

Idiots. Maybe you are anxious because you are caring too much!

Would you like to tell us more about nana?

Have you thought of applying for ESA (contributory/New Style) too if you are eligible (sufficient NI contributions last two years)

I get both CA and a small New Style ESA top up (as still in assessment phase) But if you could stand the dreaded assessment after 13+ weeks thenn got placed in support group (although that isn’t easy) get good bit more than CA?


My nana is 87, and is completely housenound, due to arthritis. I do everything for her, from making meals, cutting her gardens, hoovering, washing, even cutting her nails. Everything.

I can ride the storm, but surely, once they’ve received my declaration, then they should reinstate my ca.

The whole system isn’t fit for purpose.

I couldn’t agree with you more!!

However, you should have time off. Have you asked Social Services for a Needs Assessment for Nana, and a Carers Assessment for you? It won’t affect your Carers Allowance, and having some dedicated time off will help your own health too.

There are a number of other things to consider when caring for a grandparent especially.
If you would like to answer the following questions, I can explain more, depending on the answers. Short answers are fine.

Does Nana own or rent her house?
Have over £23,000 in savings? (Yes/No)
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Has Nana made a will.
Does Nana have any surviving children?
Do you have any cousins?

I haven’t contacted social services, no. Good idea.
My nana owns her home, she doesn’t have savings, I don’t have power of attorney,she has made a will, my man lives in Scotland, they’re aren’t any other children and I don’t have cousins.
Thank you.

If Nan doesn’t have any savings, then Social Services would pay for some of her care, so you could have a break.

Please get a lasting power of attorney at least for financial affairs. At 87 anyone is at risk of losing capacity. It doesn’t have to come into effect so long as she has capacity, although it might help her if you can sign things on her behalf as she’s got arthritis. I know it’s an upfront cost you could do without but it’ll be much more expensive and stressful if you have to go down the Court of Protection route. Please read some of the recent threads about power of attorney and Court of Protection to see what I mean.

Also give DWP a ring as they may have put a stop on the payments and just need prompting to take it off. This happened to me when my partner was moved from DLA to PIP.

Nan may well say “I don’t want anyone but you to …” but it’s not HER choice to make. No one can force someone to be a carer, so if you are giving so much care, then it is really up to you to decide how much care you will provide, and how much help you need.
It would undoubtedly help if she had someone to help her dress, bathe, etc. other than you. It would give her someone else to talk to, and take some pressure off you as well. Social Services should be able to arrange this for you and Nan. Do not let her say “I don’t need any help because X does it all”!

Thanks for all of the advice. I feel I have a place to turn to now. Thank you all.

Glad we can help. Ask anything you like, someone will probably have met the same things you are dealing with.

As others have said, appeal it, and if you don’t hear back from them, definitely chase it up! I appealed when they stopped my payments, and I didn’t receive a response until 15 months after I appealed. Sorry to hear about your anxiety issues as well :frowning:

Always send correspondence to DWP by Recorded Delivery, so they can’t deny receiving it. I’ve done this ever since they left me waiting over 6 months for something, many years ago.