Repayment of Disability Facility Grant

Good Evening to you all

I would very much welcome your advice or guidance.

In 2018 we successfully applied for a Disability Facility Grant to fit a stair lift and wet room for my disabled mother in a semi-detached house.

Her condition has deteriorated to a point now where we have made the decision to move to a single level park home.

We had to remove the stair lift recently as it continually leaked oil and caused considerable damage to a point where we had to replace carpets.

The issue we have is that our Council have applied a charge against our property as it is being sold within a 10 year timeframe. However, my Mother & I specifically recall the assessor from the council stating in 2018 that the charge would only apply if the property was sold within 3 years. The assessor took back all paperwork at the time.

We have asked the Council to consider waiving the charge based on this but they will only look at this if we can supply what our house sold for, what the park home is being purchased for together with bank statements and ‘compelling’ reasons why they should look at our request. The difference between the sale price of our house and the purchase of our park home is minimal and the charge has taken the majority of the anything that was left.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation to ours and would anyone know if a letter template exists that we could use in creating a response to our Council?.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Kindest Regards to you all.

Make a subject access request to the council, requesting copies of all records relating to your arrangement in 2018. They have 30 days or so to reply.