Advice on stair lifts

My father has great difficulty in climbing the house stairs to be able to use the loo and go to bed. Has anybody had the experience of stair lifts ie what is the cheapest way to employ this, we have discussed having a down stairs loo and shower installed and he cost move downstairs but the cost of that would be quite high.
Are there any grants available for people with this situation?


How old is he? Whose house is it?

When my Mum was in this situation the council paid for a stairlift and installed a lovely wetroom as she could no longer get in her bath.

She did own her own house but did not have much savings and was on pension credit and the woman at the council sorted it all and was really helpful. All I had to do was get 3 quotes from stair lift installers and plumbers to do the wet room. We didn’t have to wait too long either and the work was excellent.

It enabled her to stay in her own home for many more years.

Ask at your Dad’s council!

It’s called a Disabled Facilities Grant. You usually need to get an Occupational Therapist to assess the situation and then the local council makes the decision.

Thank you for your replies.

My father owns the house, he is on a state pension and also has pension from his last job with only 16yrs contributions so not a great deal of money to play with.
My dad is close to 90 now and the stairs are quite steep, he had a few quotes for the wet room/loo around the £10’000 mark.

While my mother was still alive we did have someone come around to view the situation as my mother was also having the same issue and they installed hand rails which are very helpful but as time goes on I feel concerned that my father may not be able to continue with the stairs.


Ted. Have another go, sounds like your Dad would be eligible. Let us know how you get on.

Ted. Have another go, sounds like your Dad would be eligible. Let us know how you get on.

He has savings, I think that is why he is reluctant. Its a difficult situation at the moment with my father, I really want to help him but there are issues that I am having trouble with.

If you refer to my previous post on another subject to do with my father you may get an understanding.


There would Bea means test for a Disabled Facilities Grant. In such a difficult situation, although you want to help, I doubt you will get very far. It’s very frustrating!

You could technically try a different approach, as I have a friend who tried that. A company that does make stair lifts had started a fundrising campaign for him, using their social accounts to promote it. I recall lots people donating on it. In the end my friend got the stairlift, that was purchased from that company from the gathered donation money. So the company sold it’s product, got good PR and my friend got what he wanted. You could try writing to some company which deals with stairlifts and maybe strike a deal like that? Some like to be proactive like that.

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Great information! I didn’t even know about this, but I will keep it in mind. Suddenly, someone from my acquaintances will need it, or I myself will need it in the future to ensure the convenience of my loved ones.