Renting a larger home to provide care?

My Father is 95, diagnosed with Vascular Dementia and reluctant to accept or pay for care to visit him in his own home; which has been an issues for at least 5 years.

Since Coronavirus lockdown, he’s become more dependent on the care I provide.

My Father lives in a very small privately rented 2 bed house which is too small for myself to live there permanently, the Tenancy is in my Fathers name and should my Father have to go into a care home or die, I would become homeless.

My 1 bed Housing Association flat is on the second floor and there isn’t a lift; plus, it just wouldn’t be practical.

Due to my own long term health issues, I’m also in receipt of benefits.

So my question; what’s available from a benefit perspective, so I can rent a larger 2 bed house, maybe a bungalow with the Tenancy Agreement in my name and my Father moving in ?

I have money for a deposit, a large one if need be and also for the advanced rent.

The rent allowance awarded by Housing Benefit for two adults sharing one property would be higher than the single person 1 bed room allowance, although my Fathers rent, currently paid for by Housing Benefit, is much higher than the current 1 bedroom rate.

I could also end up being homeless, as what would happen if my Father wasn’t permanently living at the property for whatever reason; the 2 person rent allowance would no doubt be reduced and I wouldn’t be able to afford the rent ?

Anyone with any experience of what I believe is maybe a solution to my current predicament ?

In theory it sounds a good idea, in reality fraught with problems.
The real issue is dad refusing inside help of course.
He is ignoring your health, putting the focus entirely on himself. A typical trait of the very elderly.
You are in control of what you do. Only when you stop meeting his needs will he accept outside help, when the choice is help or residential care.

To me it doesn’t sound as a good idea but too risky. I’ve known a lot of people in similar situation and the only way is make your father aware it’s impossible for you to care about him all the time. The very elderly tend to ignore needs of other people but you should be strong and prove he requires inside help his eligible for.

What age are you? Have you considered a social housing - independent living scheme some start age 55+. Where there are two bedrooms. Some of these properties can have quite large rooms etc. You would also have on hand care support team. And when you want your needs met Dad can have the on site carers. Once people see others having carers it doesn’t seem to stay as an issue. And if you are left on your own you will be able to stay there. You would have an option to remain in the property or down size in the scheme.

You could also both apply for a one bed flat in the same scheme.

Do you have Power of Attorney?
Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Is dad claiming Attendance Allowance?
Exemption from Council Tax due to severe mental impairment, i.e. dementia.
Have Social Services done a Needs Assessment for dad, and a Carers Assessment for you?

Dad is 95, and is going to need an awful lot of care in the next five years.
I’m not surprised he is reluctant to pay for care, most very elderly people are, because of the cost of it.
I’m 70 next birthday. When I started work my first pay packet for a week’s work was £7.50.
Carers cost £10-£20 an HOUR now!
However, if dad is getting Housing Benefit etc. the care should be subsidised or free, after a financial assessment.

Does your own Housing Association have any 2 bed properties suitable for you and dad?
If so, maybe you could have one of those, and then move to a smaller one when dad dies or moves into long term care?

The other alternative is to leave it until dad really cannot manage at his flat and then move into residential care near you?
If he has under £23,000 in savings Social Services would pay for some or all of his care.
Your own financial situation is not considered.