Dad refusing carers


My dad got out of hospital, yesterday he is 92 and has advanced prostate cancer and dementia. The hospital were sending carers in but dad has sent them away saying he doesn’t need any help.
He went in to hospital because he had a fall in the bathroom and couldn’t get up, it was found it was linked to a urine infection he has a catheter.
I normally work 6 hours 5 days a week so with traveling am away 7 hours, i am concerned he might fall when i am out and be stuck.
He has said he enjoyed being in the hospital so does this mean he wants to go into care ???
Ordinarily that would be a good thing, but i gave up a decent job and moved 200 miles back to the family home to look after him 2 years ago. I am now 45 single and only working part time. I am happy living in the home i am in but even with savings i wouldn’t get a mortgage with my salary. (its not an expensive house and needs lots of work but is my home and i have a garden for my dog)
Where do i stand?? I want dad to have proper care but i don’t want the local authority to make me homeless.
My mom is already in a care home with dementia, the L.A are paying cos dad lives in the house, i think they are tenants in common.
If i owned /mortgaged half the house would that help or is it a really bad idea? if so who would i buy out?
I do everything at home apart from dads personal care as he can just about cope with that although badly he has put his catheter bag on upside down more than once and has to be reminded to drink.
It was a big re-leaf to me when i thought he was going to be checked while i was at work and maybe cook him a dinner.
I have been off on furlough for 2 months so cooking isn’t a big deal right now but when i go back it will be as i work odd shifts that overlap meal times.

Hi Teresa

Given you Dad’s age you do really need to think about your future.

Shelter UK maybe a good place to start…

Shelter might be able to talk though you options.

I do think you need to have a serious conversation with Dad. To see what he really wants. Maybe as you gave up your life to live with him. He may feel guilty to say where he actually wants to live. When was his hospital admission. What stage is his dementia. Can he actually make decisions.

Do you have power of attorney.

There are so many issues here, I think you need to talk initially to the Carers UK helpline, and also a solicitor specialising in issues around the Care Act. Does dad have over £23,000 in savings? Yes/No?
Do you know what happens to the property when he dies? Has he made a will?
Is he getting Attendance Allowance?