Registering as a carer

Hi newbie here

I work full time my wife is registered disabled at 34 she has multiple sclerosis,type 1 diabetes and now Coeliac question is how do myself and my mother in law register as her carer
No so for the money part won’t get anything as I’m full time,council tax no point because I earn to much only entitled to a couple of quid off,nothing for heating or electric only thing got discounted was water on a water meter but can use what we want price won’t chance as my wife is on high rate pip and dwp/esa hope that’s right
My mother in law is part time and doesn’t live with us but she wants to be registered as a carer so if my wife is ill my mum in law can hopefully can get work off if needed if my wife is ill when she has to work
Unfortunately I cannot as I don’t get paid but if I can register as a carer it gives me more say when it comes to annual leave if I know my wife has appointment coming up.
I’m 35
Any info would be great was going to sort this out from the beginning when my wife had to leave work quite some time ago but things got in the way and was sorting her out first

Hi I will be interested to KNOW HOW THINGS DEVELOP. My elderly MOTHER has various Health Problems. She has started to get a lot of low moods as well now, after 2 close family deaths. SHE WANTS ME TO TAKE POWER OF ATTORNEY, which is an awful lot of paper work, and questions which she normally gets depressed by doing ! There was an endless stream of social service questionnaires after my father died, constantly made her emotionally upset. However we will have to get through it. I am trying to find out how to actually register as a Carer, even if only part-time - usually I stay over night SEVERAL TIMES a week, and miss opportunities for professional paid Agency work , but don’t think I am entitled to Gvt. pay for this, even though when in my own home I am also of course a regular communicant, and doing things to help from a distance. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN FIND MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW to register as a paid or unpaid Carer ? Chris

Others here will give chapter and verse, but from what I’ve read on the forum there is no ‘registered carer’ status in the UK. It’s only if you are eligible for Carers Allowance (not an OAP, and only earn below the threshold) (and provide certain number of hours of care) that makes you ‘officially’ a carer.

If your MIL doesn’t earn over the threshold, then I would assume she is entitled to claim CA, if she provides the sufficient number of hours to qualify.

There are ways of ‘reducing’ your take-home income, such as paying into a pension, etc, that members recommend as a way of qualifying for CA.

There is no such thing as “registering as a carer” although the subject often crops up here. If caring is having a significant effect on your life, you are a carer!

I believe EVERYONE should sign a Power of Attorney, so that if you get ill, have an accident, it’s all been sorted out long ago. Don’t delay, especially when a loved one is ill. It doesn’t cost a lot of money (fees are means tested) and there aren’t lots of questions.

Anyone who is disabled or seriously ill is entitled to have a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and their carers should have a Carers Assessment. These are the “gateways” to getting proper care arranged.