Information please

Please can you tell me the procedure for my husband to register as my carer, he does not want the money, just to be registered as I am on attendance allowance, thanks in advance

Hi June.

No official registration needed for a famiy carer in the UK … most of us are " Invisible. "

Practically , two places spring to mind for others to know of the existence of the carer / caree relationship … local gp surgery ( Possible " Carers " person nominated to fast track carers ? ) and your local social services.

Having some form of emergency card with short details thereon also advised … should anything happen to the carer , what of the caree ? … especially in lone carer situations.

Financial situation noted … a rare occasion in CarerLand … wherein finances , or lack thereof , is the number one problem.

thanks for your reply, so if he needs to prove he is my carer legally, how does he do this?

Hi June, welcome to the forum.

This is a question we are being asked increasingly often, but the reality should be that if someone can prove they are disabled i.e. with AA, DLA, PIP, then whoever is looking after them is automatically their carer.

Are you having any specific problem in one place?

As you are getting attendance allowance, he would be eligible for carer’s allowance, depending on the number of hours he provides care for you, I cannot remember the minimum figure, 30 hours? Any way if you apply this would then not only provide some useful funds for extra costs, but if necessary provide ‘evidence’ of his caring role. I suggest you join the Oddfellows, about £30 a year as they have a telephone Citizen Advice line which is fantastic.

regards Tessa