Hoe to register as a carer

Hi I’m currently not a carer but been advised to register as a carer for my partner who has a form of ataixa who recieves middle rate care higher mobility, I work full time and feel I need to reduce my hours or maybe give up work as weve just had a 5 week old baby and I’m finding things really tough.

We are currently have a social worker involved and is giving my partner 18hrs a week for a PA however I work long shifts can be out the house 14 hours day or night so feel I need to do something with my job, since we’ve had the baby I had to go on the sick from work as the health visitor and midwife’s have said my partner is not allowed to be left alone with baby because of risk of falls and fatigue problems.

I spoken to my union USDaw they advised me to register as a carer so this would maybe help my work consider reducing my hours but not sure how to go about registering I phoned the GP they said I can only do it if I don’t live at the same address as my partner CONFUSED… Who am I supposed to contact and what am I supposed to be applying for.

My current earnings are to much to receive carers allowence I don’t know if that’s the same thing I’m applying for.

The health visitor has told us we have slipped through the net on the care side as doctors and midwife’s assumed the care was already in place and should have been brought up at my partners 16 week scan which never discussed with us all the way through her pregnancy.

Hi Lee … welcome to the canteen.

A recent thread , similar in nature , will be of assistance here :


In essence , there is NO registration system for a family / kinship carer … just some agencies that should be aware of the caring tag.

Not even a token " Carers Card " which could be flashed at all and sundry … despite 20+ years of us asking for one !

If you need specific advice on juggling work with caring … and still be able to claim Carers Allowance , yell !