Recommendations for CHC funding advocate

I am awaiting the start of the full CHC assessment for my father who has been in a nursing home since Jan 2022 after being discharged from hospital under the Discharge to Assess process.

My father’s care needs are very high and I want to do everything possible to secure CHC funding.

Does anyone have any positive or negative experience with CHC funding advocates? So far I have only come across Beacon and Compass.

Hello Adam

Care to Be Different is the best source of info and advice. I managed to get NHS CHC fast tracked for the last few months of my Mum’s life.

Let me know what you think!

I downloaded the CHC checklist on the government site. Went through what I thought were my husband’s needs priority etc.
Helped me see what I was up against. The main thing was I could ‘debate’ with them. They argued hubby’s needs were being met. He had such complex issues, in and out of hospital that I said they were not being met. Eventually they agreed